We acknowledge that we are situated on the unceded and ancestral homelands of the Muh-he-con-ne-ok, the Peoples of the Waters that Are Never Still.

We recognize that there is a history to this land that is older than we are and pay honor and respect to this history and to the Elders, past, present, and future.

A light-skinned person with brown hair wearing a kerchief holding a long stick standing in front of an outdoor oven

Sky High Farm Program Manager Lexie Smith. Courtesy Thatcher Keats

A gray rectangular building far in the background with a plowed field in the foreground

Courtesy Thatcher Keats



Sky High Farm
Forge Project

The Collaborative Incubator at Forge Project will be developed by Sky High Farm in consultation with current and future partner farmers, seed savers, educators, and organizers rooted in Indigenous, Black, and migrant communities. This program will address gaps in existing resources by providing space and support for land and agricultural work in participants’ communities.

The first phase of development will include Sky High cultivating relationships, conducting needs assessment, defining goals and metrics, and establishing structure. Throughout its duration, Sky High will work with Bread On Earth as a volunteer land steward to grow heritage grains on the property, serving the dual ends of providing nutritious non-perishable food for the farm’s Community Food Access Program, and preparing the soil for future growers.